Holiday Dangers for Pets

Holidays always offer new dangers and excitement.  Here is a great link that talks about each holiday and some dangers.  This is not a complete list, but may get you thinking about what to watch for with your pet.

Always exciting when another Alpen Ridge dog passes their Therapy Certification. This is what these dogs were originally created for, therapy and service work. Congratulations Cari and Buddy!

Alpen Ridge Australian Labradoodle Certified Therapy Dog

Tegan Park Summer Fling (Angel) gave us three beautiful merle puppies. Merle is a rare color for Australian Labradoodles. Alpen Ridge has common and rare colors including phantom and sable, but doesn’t sacrifice quality for color.

Rare Blue Merle Australian Labradoodle puppies

The Phantom Australian Labradoodle is considered a rare color and is best described as a solid body color with distinct markings, such as those found on a doberman or rottweiler.  They are not random markings.  Some markings show up more than others, but they are always feet, chest, cheeks, muzzle, under the tail and under the ears.  Sometimes the face and chest markings are large and blend together.  The solid body color can vary.  These pictures are Australian Labradoodles of Alpen Ridge.  These are black and tan, black and silver, blue and silver, chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream.  You can see the consitency of the markings.

Black and Tan Australian Labradoodle

Black and Silver Australian Labradoodle Adult

Blue and silver phantom Australian Labradoodle

Alpen Ridge chocolate and Tan phantom puppy

Chocolate and cream phantom Australian Labradoodle

Phantom tail markings

I often get asked, “What do I tell the groomer?” Over the years I have provided written instructions and photos. But have, I believe, come up with a simple answer, “One length all over. From tip of nose to tip of tail.” That’s right, ears, head, tail, everything should be the same length. It doesn’t matter if it is shaved or scissored for a longer coat. By having one length all over, you end up with a balanced dog that continues to grow out nicely.

Properly groomed fleece coat Australian Labradoodle

Properly groomed wool coat Australian Labradoodle

Chocolate curly fleece Australian Labradoodle in full coat

The Labradoodle breed started with a request. Over twenty years ago, a blind woman wanted a guide dog that wouldn’t bother the allergies of her husband. Since Labradors are great working dogs, and great with families, and poodles are intelligent and allergy friendly, the breed made sense in theory. After some research and careful breeding by Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia, the Australian Labradoodle was born. The idea caught on and the result is a wonderful, allergy and asthma friendly dog with excellent health and fantastic temperament and service qualities.

Just like any other breed that becomes popular, though, some breeders have started breeding for the popularity of these dogs and not for the benefit of the breed itself. So here’s how to make sure you’re getting the dog you want.